Sunday, May 23rd 2021

1st Annual Shiawassee Triathlon
3.3 Mile Run/Walk on the 
Scenic Shiawassee River Trail
3.5 Mile Paddle down the 
Beautiful Shiawassee River
9 Mile Ride through city streets
and country roads of Shiawassee County
RUN the scenic river trail
PADDLE the beautiful Shiawassee River
RIDE  through city streets and country roads
The mission of the Shi~Tri is to promote community fitness and to support The Friends of the Shiawassee River. Proceeds from this year’s events will be put toward river improvements designed to help everyone Care, Share and Enjoy our treasured Shiawassee River.
The Shi~Tri is a Run/Paddle/Bike Triathlon beginning and ending in Downtown Owosso, MI along the beautiful Shiawassee River. Participants begin with a 3.8-mile run/walk from the Fitness Coliseum Downtown (210 S Water St, Owosso) to McCurdy Park in Corunna. From there, you will launch your kayak or canoe into the river and paddle 3.5 miles back to Downtown Owosso where you will then bike a 9-mile loop through city streets and country roads.

This event can be completed by ANYONE! Treat it as a race and challenge yourself for a new personal best. Or, take your time and walk the river trail, float peacefully in your kayak or canoe and bike leisurely while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. You can even team up with friends to create a relay, divvy up the legs of the race, and complete it together!

An event like this also relies on the efforts of over 100, valued volunteers. Come join us in this wonderful, community-oriented experience as a volunteer-bring your family and friends! Registration is open for everyone interested at

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Event Details
Everything You Need To Know

Entry Options

You may participate in the Shi~Tri as an individual or as a part of a relay. Individual participants will complete all three legs of the race by themselves. Members of a relay team (2 or 3 people) will complete one or two legs of the race while their team members complete the others, to collectively complete all three legs. 

Any type of registration can be a part of a team! Companies, sports teams, organizations, families, ANYONE can create a team! Have your teams first registrant set up your team name or email it to and we will get it all set up for you! Registering under a team ensures that your transition areas (kayak and bike locations) will all be grouped together!

Registration Pricing: 

o Run/Kayak/Bike Individual - 
       -Jan 19 - March 31: $60
       -April 1 - April 30: $75
       -May 1 - May 16: $85
o Run/Kayak/Bike Relay -
       -Jan 19 - March 31: $90
       -April 1 - April 30: $105
       -May 1 - May 16: $120

*The first registrant of each relay team will pay the registration fee. The other 1-2 members will then register under that relay name and will not have a fee associated. All relay members must go through registration individually to sign waivers and provide t-shirt sizes. 

**Registration prices are the same for adult & youth. Participants must be at least 10 years of age and youth registrants under 16 will be required to provide information on the adult that will be accompanying them each leg of the race. 

Start, Finish and Transitions 

START LINE: The run start line will open at 8:50am at which time all participants completing the running leg should report to the front of The Armory on Water St. Runners will begin facing north towards Williams St. make a quick left turn onto Williams and then into the entrance of the river trail to head towards McCurdy Park in Corunna.

All runners will start in a single wave. There will be a designated area in the front of the start line for “competitive” participants. Please only start in this area if you intend to run at an 8 minute pace or faster.

RUN>KAYAK Transition: This transition will happen at McCurdy park. Runners will exit the river trail, enter the kayak staging area (run split time is recorded here), retrieve their kayak and head to the launch area. Volunteers will be around to help move kayaks and help with launches. There is no guarantee that you won’t have to WAIT for help with your kayak. Participants are more than welcome to move their kayak on their own if they are able.

Second leg members of relay teams are allowed to be at the kayak in the staging area waiting for the runner. Timing chip must be switched between participants inside the staging area. Relay members may work together to move the kayak and launch.

KAYAK>BIKE Transition: This transition will happen at the Owosso Amphitheater. Kayaks will arrive at the amphitheater and pull off the river. Participants should head towards the East river bank as soon as they navigate over the dam. There will be volunteers in the river and on the bank to assist with exiting the river. Participants must pull their kayaks from the water and place them in the designated area BEFORE heading to the bike staging area. Participants will enter the bike staging area through the south gate, gather their bike and WALK/RUN their bike out of the staging area through the north gate. Once participants are out of the north gate and on the river trail they may mount their bike and head north towards Williams St to begin the bike loop.

Third leg relay members may wait at the edge of the river to assist their teammates in exiting the river. BOTH participants must enter the bike staging area through the south gate(kayak split time recorded here) and the timing chip must be traded at the team’s bike within the staging area.

FINISH LINE: Participants will complete the bike loop and finish the Shi~Tri with a left turn onto Water St and through the finish line in front of the Armory! Bikes will then take a right turn into the Armory parking lot and another right down onto the river trail to return them to the amphitheater lawn and the bike staging area.


We will be doing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards for the following categories:

Men’s Individual (18y/o+)
Women’s Individual (18y/o+)
Masters (55+, Male and Female Combined)
Youth (<18, Male & Female Combined)
Relay Team (All ages, All Relays Combined)
We will also have one overall male award and overall female award!

Awards for this event will be one of a kind, provided by Darker Mfg Co, Owosso's own handmade leather manufacturer.


Proceeds from the Shi~Tri will benefit The Friends of The Shiawassee River. The Friends mission is to share, care for and promote enjoyment of the river. These funds, specifically, will be utilized to add mile markers to the river and create improved kayak/canoe launches along the river banks!

Relay Match Making

Want to participate in the Shi~Tri, not sure you are ready to do all three legs, but your friends are being bummers and don’t want to make a relay team? WE GOT YOU! We will do some relay matchmaking so that anyone who wants to participate can!

Click the button below and enter in your info! Name, contact info, Gender, Age, What leg(s) of the race you can/want to complete, weather or not you have a kayak, and if you are looking at the race in a competitive or non-competitive way. Once we have some viable matches to create a relay team, we will loop you all in on a group email to introduce you and let you take it from there!

Race Policies

Age & Safety Policies: This event is open to youth ages 10 and up. All youth participants under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult during the ENTIRE RACE and that adult must also be a registered participant. You must provide the information of the adult participant that will be accompanying the youth participant upon registration. Youth/Adult pairs will be checked at each transition point. The youth participant will NOT be allowed to begin the next leg of the race without the adult participant with them. 

Each adult participant MUST have a life vest with them in their kayak. Presence of a life vest will be verified in the staging area and checked again prior to launch. All youth participants are required to be WEARING their life vest for the duration of the paddle leg of the race. 

Sorry, there will be no refunds for this race. You are able to purchase race insurance via the RunSignUp website when you register. If you are unable to participate, consider transferring your registration to another athlete. Feel free to post on The Shi Tri event page with registrations up for grabs! We apologize for any inconvenience

Registration Transfers: You ARE able to transfer registrations. Transfer your registration by "Gifting" it to another participant via the RunSignUp page. This will NOT provide you a refund. Any monetary exchanges for registration transfers must be handled between participants. 

Transition Areas: ONLY Shi~Tri Participants will be allowed in the transition areas for the safety of the athletes and security of their belongings.

Participant Conduct: We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who behaves inappropriately toward fellow competitors, volunteers, or race management staff. Additionally, all participants and spectators are expected to be respectful of the river, river trail, amphitheater lawn and all other race areas. This event is intended to improve the river, not hinder it.

Check in & Equipment Drop Off:

Day before Kayak drop off & packet pick up:
We are encouraging all participants to come to McCurdy park Saturday, May 22nd from 12pm-4pm. This is where you will pick up your registration packet and drop your kayak/canoe. Arrive at McCurdy and follow the signs to drive the loop around the park. Pull up to the front of the line and unload your kayak/canoe. Head to the registration table, show your ID and get your registration packet. Volunteers will direct you to the kayak/canoe staging area where you will leave your vessel in the spot corresponding with your bib #. Ensure you place your bib number on at least one piece of your gear (kayak/canoe, paddle, or life vest). 
Kayak drop off & packet pickup on Saturday will allow participants to go straight to downtown Owosso to the Start/Finish area the morning of the race. 

Day of kayak drop off & packet pick up: 
Sunday, May 23rd from 6:30am-8:30am If participants are unable to bring their paddle vessel on Saturday they can bring it to McCurdy park to be placed the the transition area the morning of the race from 6:30am-8:30am. No kayaks will be checked in or packets handed out after the 8:30am time. This is where you will pick up your registration packet and drop your kayak/canoe. Arrive at McCurdy and follow the signs to drive the loop around the park. Pull up to the front of the line and unload your kayak/canoe. Head to the registration table, show your ID and get your registration packet. Volunteers will direct you to the kayak/canoe staging area where you will leave your vessel in the spot corresponding with your bib #. Ensure you place your bib number on at least one piece of your gear (kayak/canoe, paddle, or life vest). 

Race Day Parking & Bike Drop Off:  
Bike drop off will be located in the city lot between Roma's Backdoor & NCG Cinemas 314 E Comstock St, Owosso, MI 48867.
This is where participant can park and where the bike transition area will be. You already have your bib # from McCurdy Park. Park you vehicle and and unload your bike. Check in with the bike transition area gate keeper & place your bike in the spot corresponding with your bib #. Ensure you leave anything you will need for the bike leg of the race (bike shoes, change of clothing, sunglasses, etc) with your bike. The staging area will close 10 minutes prior to the start of the race.

Start/Finish Line & Event Area:
Once your kayak/canoe and bike are set for you, get ready to race!! Walk across Washington St to the Fitness Coliseum(210 S Water St, Owosso) parking lot where the Start/Finish line will be, as well as our sponsor tents, mimosa tent, and food trucks will be. At 8:50am (10 minutes prior to first wave start) the transition areas will close. There will be pre-race announcements and hype and then race will begin with the RUN leg at 9am!

Route Maps

Due to some river trail changes 
we adjusted the routes from 2020 to these NEW 2021 routes!
The run will still be down the river trail, the paddle will be the same (but now you don't have to traverse the dam!) and the bike will now be heading south of Owosso instead of North.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2021 race routes, please feel free to contact us at

Race Weekend Schedule

Friday, May 21st
3pm - Participant & Volunteer Facebook LIVE Q&A. Race organizers will be going LIVE from the Shi-Tri Facebook page to answer all questions from participants and volunteers. If you have any but would be unable to attend LIVE, please send them to our Facebook page in a message and we will get them answered for you. 

Saturday, May 22nd
•12pm-4pm - Kayak Drop off & Paddle Pick Up @ McCurdy Park

Sunday, May 23rd – RACE DAY!!
• 6am – Volunteers arrive at posts and prepare for participants

• 6:30am – Registration Pick Up and Equipment Check In Begins.
                   Fitness Coliseum & McCurdy Park Pre & Post Race area opens!

• 8:50 am – Race Kick Off Announcements

• 9 am – RUN leg begins!

• 3pm – Awards presented at Fitness Coliseum, 210 S Water St

• 4pm – All participant equipment must be cleared from staging areas

• 5pm – Fitnesses Coliseum Pre/Post Race Area closes.

Race Timing

The event will be chip timed by Newton Timing Services with splits in three locations: The entrance of the kayak staging area, the entrance of the bike staging area and the finish line. Relay teams will share a single ankle chip that will be transferred from racer to racer inside the transition areas.

Training/Race Prep

Run – This run leg of the Shi~Tri is 3.3 miles long, just slightly longer than your traditional 5k. The course is along the river, so expect some slight twists, turns and uneven surfaces though the course is relatively flat. Work your way up to completing this distance with any combination of a run/walk!

Kayak – The kayak leg of the Shi~Tri is 3.5 miles downriver. Downriver means you can float, and still go in the correct direction, if you do need a break from paddling during this leg! We do recommend that you have some practice launching, getting in, getting out and pulling out your kayak from the river, as this can be a bit difficult! Learning to navigate your kayak away from banks will also be a necessary skill.

Bike – The bike leg of the Shi~Tri is a 9 mile out and back on paved, flat roads. Ensure your bike is in good enough condition to complete this distance.  Ensure you are able to complete this distance on your bike and have done some rides with wind as a factor. Much of the bike loop has open fields on one or both sides of the road, meaning a windy day will add some difficulty to the course.


We will need MANY volunteers for this event! From working the registration table, handing out water, directing participants on the run and bike, and helping to move and launch kayaks, we need all the help we can get! 

Weather Delays

This is a rain or shine event. Michigan can bring any type of weather, any time of year so be prepared for clear blue skies and 85 degrees, or cool rain and fog. The race start will not be delayed for any weather related reason unless there is severe lightening visible in the area, which would most likely pass quickly. Be ready for the start of the race at 9 am regardless of rain. If there is a delay it will be in 15 minute increments and announced at the event site, our Facebook page and Instagram.

Aid Stations

There will be water stations half way through the run, at McCurdy park (run>kayak transition) and at The Amphitheater. There will NOT be water stations along the kayak route or the bike route. You may want to bring a water bottle and leave it in your kayak during equipment staging so you do not have to bring it with you on the run. 

Stay Up to Date!

Make sure to follow all the Shi~Tri social media to stay up to date with new, details, promotions and all things Shi~Tri!

Facebook: @TheShiTri
Facebook Event: Shi Tri Facebook Event
Instagram: @TheShiTri

Eat, Play and Stay!

We are so excited for all of our participants to join us in Shiawassee County for this event! If you are from out of town, check out the Shiawassee County Convention and Visitors Bureau to find all the awesome ways you can Eat, Play and Stay in Shiawassee County! Let's make a weekend of it!
Still have questions? 
Email race coordinators at
or call 989-472-1913 
We will get back to you ASAP! Thank you!
We'll take all the help we can get!
We would LOVE to have you as a volunteer at the Shi~Tri! We need all the help we can get to help make this event a success!
From set up, to registration, to route direction, to kayak movement, we need it all!
Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Our LOYAL Sponsors

This event is made possible by the support of all of these AMAZING organizations! Thank you for sticking with us! Though the Shi-Tri may by further away than we had planned, thanks to these sponsors, it is sure to be spectacular!
Presenting Sponsor
Thank you to Memorial Healthcare for supporting the Shi~Tri as our Presenting Sponsor and for being committed to excellence as you care for our community.

    RUN Sponsor

    Thank you to Norm Henry Shoes for being our RUN sponsor! Norm Henry has been family owned and operated in downtown Owosso since 1875. Norm Henry Shoes provides Owosso with the areas highest quality footwear available. From running to hiking, to working, to casual and more; Norm Henry has you covered! They even carry the sizes and widths other stores don't AAAA - H widths & up to size 20 on select shoes. Check them out at

    PADDLE Sponsor

    Thank you to the Great Lakes Family of Companies for being our PADDLE sponsors! Great Lakes will be supplying our rental kayaks/canoes for the event and have be bringing an exciting kayak/canoe rental opportunity to Shiawassee County! Make sure you visit their booth on race day to learn more!

    RIDE Sponsor

    Thank you to Byk-Rak, a division of Midwest Bus, for being our RIDE sponsor! Byk-Rak manufactures and distributes vertical storage bike racks for the front of transit busses and is now moving towards serving consumer with the Parkis rack. Check them out at

    Underwriting Sponsor

    Thank you to The Shiawassee County Convention and Visitors Bureau for helping to make this event a success. For more info on way to Eat, Play and Stay in Shiawassee County visit

    Design Sponsor

    Thank you to Brandon Maike of Darker Mfg Co,  our amazing local leather manufacturer, for designing our Shi~Tri logo. Darker Mfg Co will also be creating unique, hand made, leather awards for the event! All of Darker's products are of the highest quality and procured with the environment in mind. All of the leather used at Darker Mfg is vegetable dyed and  eco-friendly. Check out what Darker Mfg is all about HERE.

    The Shi~Tribe

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    • RE/MAX of Owosso
    • Weather Vane Roofing
    • ​American Speedy Printing - Owosso
    • Feighner Docks
    • ​Merit Laboratories, Inc
    • ​American Recycling Center, Inc
    • Advanced Eye Care
    •  Qdoba 
    •  Hankerd Sportswear
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